Sign the petition: Oppose Tom Price as HHS Secretary

President-Elect Donald Trump promised he wasn’t going to change Medicare if elected. But his pick for health and human services secretary, Tom Price, has been a vocal supporter of dismantling Medicare and leaving seniors to pick up the tab.

More than 55 million Americans currently depend on Medicare—and that’s not counting the working people who are depending on it when they retire in the future. We can’t let anyone undermine it. So we’re calling on our members of Congress to stand against Price’s nomination for secretary of health and human services.

Click here to sign the petition immediately, and urge your legislators to oppose Tom Price for health and human services secretary.

Tell Your Legislators to Oppose Trump’s Nominee for Labor Secretary

Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of labor—fast food CEO Andrew Puzder—would be a disaster for working Americans. He’s railed against a meaningful increase in the minimum wage, opposed expanding overtime pay and supported replacing working people with machines. Of his Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants that were investigated for labor law complaints, 60% were found to have violated the law. Most of these complaints were for failure to pay workers minimum wage or overtime.

Now, this guy could be in charge of enforcing our nation’s labor laws.

Take Action: Click here to add your name to urge your members of Congress to oppose Andrew Puzder for secretary of labor.